"I consider empathy to be a key trait and is therefore adept at considering opinions and problems from multiple angles..."

Matt grew up in New Zealand, right outside Hobbiton in fact, but soon realised his calling was outside the shire - in a land of greater opportunities and greater diversity. He has called Melbourne home for the last 4 years and has fallen in love with its cultural diversity, incredible art and music scene and beautiful surrounds. At Bluechilli, Matt is a product manager who possesses deep experience in the health and education sectors, most recently working at a global education start-up.

Matt topped business school at University, his success drawn from a relentless curiosity and passion for learning. He's continued this passion for self-improvement by diving deep into the user experience design, data analytics and front-end web development fields. Matt has always possessed a keen interest in product strategy and is a strong advocate for lean methodology. In addition to product managing a diverse range of projects at BlueChilli, Matt is also chipping away at his own start up - going super lean and bootstrapping his product as a one-man-band founder / UX designer / web developer.

Matt is an articulate communicator and is skilled in cutting through complexity to find intelligent recommendations. He considers empathy to be a key trait and is therefore adept at considering opinions and problems from multiple angles.

Outside of BlueChilli, Matt is often found 100Km out of the city on a 6am bike ride, out at live music late at night, or at home trying to re-teach himself to play Piano.

If aliens descended on Earth and kidnapped you, how would you react?

First I'd ask them, "Why on earth would you kidnap me of all people?", but then I'd go along for the ride to find out as much as possible about their way of life - could learn a thing or two to apply to my own life. 

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

To possess an empathy radar-gun which he could unleash on unsuspecting politicians, or the general public at large, in hope of building a more tolerant world in which to live.