Are you our next SheStarts Chief Connector in the USA?

Day-in-a-Life of our Chief Connector (USA)

Day-in-a-Life of our SheStarts Chief Connector (USA)

Our award-winning accelerator program SheStarts is a beacon of change, propelling female founders to the forefront in the world of tech startups. BlueChilli is passionate about closing the gender gap and amplifying stories of the success of female entrepreneurs in the world. 

If you share this passion and  you are excited about a day full of pitching, handshakes, coffees, networking, calls and innovation strategy, this is the role for you!

The US is the next launchpad for BlueChilli to be established as a global innovation powerhouse. Our SheStarts Chief Connector is the lynchpin of all the activities required for a successful and impactful launch. This role is not only integral to our growth as a company, but it’s a very interesting platform for a strong sales operator to make their mark. Our SheStarts Chief Connector will be tasked with sourcing and building a robust pipeline of corporate partners for our innovation programs, leveraging our existing program setup in Australia and turning that into success in the US.

As the first US hire, BlueChilli counts on the SheStarts Chief Connector to be a brand ambassador and conduit between markets. Supported by HQ in Australia, you’ll thrive as a remote operator for a while, but are likely to help us build a team of champions around you to help amplify our mission.

Typical tasks…

  • Working closely with our Global Head of Partnerships and Program Directors to compile a list of potential targets and working through research, scenario setting and network introductions to narrow it down into an effective and workable pipeline for our corporate programs.
  • Using your deep knowledge of the US corporate market to adapt our existing sales and marketing collateral – or even creating it from scratch – to turn them into reliable conversion tools.
  • Diving deep into your existing local network to identify potential corporate clients for BlueChilli and the corporate programs. This will likely include some cold calling and strategic networking in the local ecosystem.
  • Organising and attending sales meetings – in person, calls, video-conferencing and any other means necessary – to further the BlueChilli sales strategy.
  • Using your highly tuned emotional intelligence to empathise with our clients’ program requirements,, metabolising them  into our reporting system and passing on the knowledge to our Growth team and Global Head of Partnerships.
  • Spearheading all corporate program negotiations in the US – supported by our CEO, CIO and Program Directors – and using the top of your intelligence to make sure that BlueChilli’s interests are represented, promoted and achieved  in those meetings.

Type of projects you’ll be working on…

BlueChilli runs open innovation accelerator with multiple corporate partners (i.e. SheStarts) and white label accelerator programs (i.e. Amatil Xcelerate) where one corporate partners exclusively backs the program.

Your initial focus in the US:

Programs we’ve run in Australia that give you an idea for what’s possible in the US:

You have….

  • A strong, reliable corporate network to call upon in the US.
  • The ability to start working on a big project with limited information.
  • Ease and efficacy  in communication, evidenced by the ability to turn corporate programs into a compelling – if not urgent – need for our corporate clients.

It would be extra awesome if you also had…

  • A deep passion for changing the face of startups for the better, not only in the US but in the world.
  • The power to write captivating content for our pitches, collateral and community outreach.

You are…

  • Resilient – partnerships is a very personal business. The ability to get off the matt and go at it again the next day is crucial to the job.
  • Disciplined – this role is a catalyst to our growth in a new market, so we will rely on you to keep good records and keep the team  informed of any developments in a timely manner.
  • A closer – you are able to see the sales pipeline to the very end, bringing back wins to the team!
  • Adaptable – things move fast at BlueChilli, so it’s important that we work with resolve but knowing that things could change within a few days.

Maybe this role is not for you if….

  • You don’t have strong existing networks with US corporates
  • You’re not US based

Interested? Great. Apply here.