Are you our new Product (UX/UI) Designer?

Day-in-a-Life of our Designers

Our Product designers are the creative heart of the BlueChilli startup team! As a product designer, you will work with our product and development team to co-create wireframes, workflows and the user experience for our portfolio companies. You will play a pivotal role in creating, building, and launching new startup businesses. You will also have a big role in taking our founders through the startup process and educating them on user experience, customer feedback and design thinking along the way.

Typical Tasks

  • Assist in designing responsive web applications, web sites, mobile sites and mobile applications for online startup businesses keeping abreast of modern design conventions to ensure sites are professionally produced
  • Liaise with our founders to capture design requirements and to assist in designing accordingly to these requirements
  • Provide input to the BlueChilli design process and assist in improving the process and the workflow
  • Support existing clients in a timely manner and to a high standard
  • Turn research into user flows, wireframes and then work on engaging designs for a great customer experience
  • Driving and documenting design standards and patterns
  • Create amazing logos and brands for our startup businesses
  • Proficient in key software packages such as Adobe Suite, Omnigraffle & Sketch

Type of projects you’ll be working on…

BlueChilli works with a vast array of Founders and Startups. Here are some examples::

You have….

  • The ability to transform complicated processes into simple, intuitive user flows and interfaces
  • Experience in UX and UI design of websites, web applications and mobile apps
  • A flair for designing logos and brands
  • A customer-centred mindset, with the ability to empathise with users

It would be extra awesome if you also had…

  • If you previously worked in a startup environment or have started your own business

You are…

  • A quick decision maker
  • A passionate problem-solver
  • Able to give and receive critical feedback
  • Proficient at content switching and time management
  • Great at taking people on the journey to understand your conclusions
  • Able to take abstract ideas and convert them into actions.
  • Confident in your abilities, but eager to learn from the team around you.

If you do a good job…

There is a lot of room for growth in this role! We have a few pathways for success at BlueChilli; from leading teams within our organisation, or whether you see this as starting point for your own startup endeavors. The future is up to you!

Maybe this role is not for you if….

  • You are not comfortable with incomplete information – startups deal with uncertainty every day
  • You need a lot of direction or structure for daily tasks – our team is very autonomous!
  • You are looking for a hierarchical team – we have a flat structure and offer individual paths of growth!

We have….

FLEXIBLE WORK ENVIRONMENT – We have very deliberately built the dream team of innovation heavyhitters. We take this task seriously! Everyone in the team is so fantastic that they could choose to work anywhere they please. We take great pride that they choose to do their best work here. It is our job to make sure that this choice is the easiest one they have to make!

AWESOME OFFICES – The BlueChilli office is the veritable wishlist of any startup founder or tech pro. The Sydney headquarters is decked out with everything you could need to boost creative confidence and experimentation. Our workspace welcomes four-legged companions, too!

FREEDOM & AUTONOMY – Work-life balance is crucial at BlueChilli. The team has taken big steps to ensure everyone can bring their best selves to work. Starting with  flexible work environments, including both complete flexible hours and the ability to work from home at a moment’s notice. Giving everybody the freedom to own their time, we ensure that each and everyone in our team is working from the place that makes him or her the happiest.

AWESOME DAY-  BlueChilli gives everyone a yearly AwesomeDay – a whole day free to use on anything they choose to. This day doesn’t count against annual or sick leave. It’s a free day to use for inspiration, recharging or simply enjoying life!

INCENTIVE PROGRAM – BlueChilli is making investments in ensuring the the team and broader ecosystem is the best in the world.

Interested. Great. Apply here.