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Day-in-a-Life of our Programs Coordinator

The Program Coordinator is a central role in our growth and innovation team, assisting the development and execution of our corporate-backed accelerator programs, innovation campaigns and ecosystem activities.

The objective of the role is to ensure our programs and campaigns run seamlessly and successfully, delivering exceptional results for both our partners and our startup founders.

You will be working as the link between the Accelerator Manager (founder-facing) and the Program Director (partner-facing). The Accelerator Manager is responsible for the design and delivery of our world class accelerator curriculum. They build out the specific content, workshops and flow of the accelerator to make sure that founders in our programs learn how to build and launch their startups fast. The Program Directors build upon the accelerator curriculum to develop bespoke programs that deliver specific opportunities for targeted cohorts and drive engagement with and outcomes for our partners, including curation of events and additional content to effectively deliver to the theme of that program. Your role is to be the glue that brings all these components of a program together, ensuring they are executed in an organised, smooth and effective manner.

You will have a challenging, diverse and very rewarding role to support the ongoing growth of BlueChilli, working as an integral part of the team and across a variety of tasks in program delivery including operations, campaign coordination, account management, communications and events.

Type of projects you’ll be working on… 

BlueChilli runs a number of accelerator programs, with two programs normally running concurrently. Current programs include:

Typical tasks… 

  • Coordinate and ensure the successful execution of timelines and deliverables of various accelerator programs.
  • Drive the applicant recruitment, submission and judging process, and arrange pitch days and judging panels.
  • Coordinate and manage logistics around the accelerator program workshops as directed by the Program DIrectors or Accelerator Manager,  including managing speakers, timelines, budgets, venues, training collateral, AV and participant onboarding.
  • Prepare reports and feedback on the progress of accelerator programs and supply any reporting and metrics requested by the Program Director or Accelerator Manager.
  • Juggle the requirements  of a range of stakeholders, keeping a balance across all priorities.
  • Assist on developing high-impact proposals/presentations for clients.
  • Coordinate showcase and program events, including logistics, planning, and execution.
  • Where applicable, coordinating video production, identifying collaboration opportunities and driving goodwill in the ecosystem for the programs.
  • Coordinate the day-to-day administration of the programs and associated activities as required by the Program Directors and Accelerator Manager.

You are… 

  • A problem-solver – comfortable with making decisions around prioritisation and program execution details in a daily context. Able to make execution decisions quickly and communicating the rationale for this decision-making with ease. 
  • Super organised – you are able to take abstract ideas and turn them into easily-understandable documents and materials. 
  • A quick learner – you love learning new things, and quickly figuring out to do things for the first time.
  • A collaborator – you enjoy communicating and collaborating in a professional, approachable and effective manner with a range of stakeholders.
  • Calm in the storm – we’re a high-energy team often operating on last minute opportunities. Knowing you’ve got things covered will help keep us calm and in control! 

It would be extra awesome if you also had… 

  • A clear passion and curiosity for the startup and innovation ecosystem.
  • An ability to use (or quickly learn how to) a range of technology platforms and tools, so you can help navigate new technology as it is brought into our business.
  • The ability to travel, as a number of our programs have national and international components.

If you do a good job… 

This role works at the intersection of our growth and innovation team, our accelerators team, our marketing team and our operations team. There is plenty of opportunity to use this role as a platform to spring into any of those areas as you discover what you love doing best. This means you could end up stepping into partnerships and growth, running one of our next programs yourself in the future, designing workshops as you learn what works effectively for founder education, or working on campaigns and events for the broader BlueChilli group. 

>> Do not let the confidence gap stop you from applying. We expect that there will be room to stretch and learn in all of our roles. We will be accepting and looking for applications of all expertise levels, backgrounds, education and lived experiences. A balanced, diverse team makes us stronger! <<

Maybe this role is not for you if…. 

  • You easily get overwhelmed by working on a number of projects at the same time
  • You prefer working alone rather than as part of a team

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