Are you our new People & Operations Coordinator?

NOTE: Though this role is based in Sydney, it is open to everyone at to all levels of experience and background.

Day-in-a-Life of our People & Operations Coordinator

The People & Operations Coordinator is the glue to all the operational and team related initiatives at BlueChilli. As a people-first organisation, it is your job to make sure that everyone has what they need to make their maximum contribution to the company. You will work with the Head of People across a number of projects, including our internal programs, the running of our head office and managing our internal community of over 30 BlueChillians (Team) and our in-house Founder community.

On any given week, you will be:

  • Working with our Head of People to ensure files are up to date, events and team sessions are scheduled, advising on our human resources initiatives and assisting in the planning for our internal growth programs.
  • Taking ownership of our internal events, including our BlueChilli Presents monthly get-togethers, CrewRoulette and other team building events. This will include brainstorming on the type of event, sourcing vendors and speakers, plus coordinating the logistics.
  • Managing the goings on in our 125 York head office and our in-house founders.  

Type of projects you’ll be working on…

As part of the BlueChilli People team, you will look after many aspects of how the company runs:

  • The right hand to the Head of People: we are counting on your professionalism and discretion to help drive HR and People projects forward, including documentation, team building, engagement initiatives and employee records.  
  • The left hand to the CEO: our CEO puts a great amount of trust in our People & Operations Coordinator to perform ad hoc tasks at his direction. These go from making external bookings at venues to delivering on his vision for a team event.
  • Recruitment: Playing a key part in keeping the hiring leads moving on what is possibly the most important task the People Team is responsible for. The People & Operations Coordinator looks after scheduling, record keeping and documentation for recruitment, as well as assisting the Head of People in broadening our employer brand.  
  • Internal Programs: The People Team is tasked with the user experience of the internal BlueChilli team. We look after everything from Induction and on-boarding, to training and development, on to team events and celebrations.
  • 125 York community & building management: : our head office also functions as a coworking space and it needs constant management to ensure the best experience for our tenants.

You have….

  • A background, interest or curiosity in human resources and talent management.
  • Exceptional organisational skills, in particular when it comes to employee records and documentation.  
  • A sixth sense about prioritisation and delegation.
  • The power to produce great experiences – both internally and in events – with a limited budget and timeline.
  • The ability to communicate with patience, kindness and clarity both in person and in writing.

It would be extra awesome if you also had…

  • Familiarity with lean startup methodologies.
  • Dexterity with online tools (Trello) and offline tools (AV equipment, conferencing setups).
  • Community management experience, especially in startups or in the tech industry.

You are…

  • A master of spreadsheets and Google Drive suites.
  • Able to start a project with limited information.
  • Excited to take the next step in your business management, people, or human resources career.

If you do a good job…

This role is very varied and has a lot of autonomy, more than any position at this level would typically have. It is also a position that requires a high level of organisation, triaging abilities and communication skills. Similar roles at BlueChilli have been amazing trampolines for the people in them, as they showcase a range of abilities and talents that are absent in other parts of the business.

Maybe this role is not for you if….

  • You easily get overwhelmed by working on a number of projects at the same time.
  • You prefer working alone rather than as part of a team.
  • You are not comfortable with incomplete information – startups deal with uncertainty every day.
  • You need a lot of direction or structure for daily tasks – our team is very autonomous.

We have….

FLEXIBLE WORK ENVIRONMENT – We have very deliberately built the dream team of innovation heavyhitters. We take this task seriously! Everyone in the team is so fantastic that they could choose to work anywhere they please. We take great pride that they choose to do their best work here. It is our job to make sure that this choice is the easiest one they have to make!

AWESOME OFFICES – The BlueChilli office is the veritable wishlist of any startup founder or tech pro. The Sydney headquarters is decked out with everything you could need to boost creative confidence and experimentation. Our workspace welcomes four-legged companions, too!

FREEDOM & AUTONOMY – Work-life balance is crucial at BlueChilli. The team has taken big steps to ensure everyone can bring their best selves to work. Starting with  flexible work environments, including both complete flexible hours and the ability to work from home at a moment’s notice. Giving everybody the freedom to own their time, we ensure that each and everyone in our team is working from the place that makes him or her the happiest.

AWESOME DAY-  BlueChilli gives everyone a yearly AwesomeDay – a whole day free to use on anything they choose to. This day doesn’t count against annual or sick leave. It’s a free day to use for inspiration, recharging or simply enjoying life!

INCENTIVE PROGRAM – BlueChilli is making investments in ensuring the the team and broader ecosystem is the best in the world.

Interested? Great! Apply here.