Are you our Partnerships Manager?

Meet BlueChilli.

“BlueChilli builds startups. Our accelerator programs remove the biggest barriers to startup success, like building products, finding the first customers, partners, people and raising capital.”

Day-in-a-Life of our Partnerships Manager

Things move fast at BlueChilli. This role is crucial to keeping the Partnerships Team running smoothly and everyone on the same page.

You will work closely with the Head of Partnerships and the Programs team to identify new corporate partners, craft compelling messaging and materials, generate new leads for the business, be a strong identity for BlueChilli in the market and manage relationships with global corporates hungry for innovation.

Managing client relationships will be central to everything you do. From running and attending events to facilitating boardroom lunches and various other tactics to find and build relationships with corporates, some of whom will one day become our partners.

Typical tasks:

  • Attending and participating in startup and innovation events and conferences where corporates are present.
  • Organising and attending BlueChilli’s own corporate events.
  • Preparing presentations and decks that clearly communicate the purpose and direction of our corporate program to potential partners.
  • Updating working databases and documents to reflect all progress and changes in the sales pipeline.
  • Working with our Head of Partnerships in planning the prospecting pipeline.
  • Communicating the program agenda to the community.
  • Various other tactics to help us achieve our goals and find + securing corporate partners.

Type of projects you’ll be working on…

You have….

  • The ability to translate abstract client needs into actionable solutions.
  • An open mind and patience. Some of the partners we work with are still getting used to doing things differently. We want to make sure we are taking people through the journey.
  • Confidence that you can take a new partner through the sales cycle with no or little support.
  • Empathic – You can understand and articulate other points of view, even if you don’t agree with them.
  • Passion and enthusiasm for startups and innovation matched by high EQ and the confidence to be an expert

It would be extra awesome if you also had…

  • Great writing skills (especially on the fly)!
  • A great network to draw on.

You are…

  • Articulate – you speak and write concisely and effectively.
  • A catalyst – you can get things started.
  • Curious – you are always looking for new interesting things.

If you do a good job…

There is a lot of room for growth in this role! We have a few pathways for success at BlueChilli; from eventually leading your own team within BlueChilli, or whether you see this as starting point for your own startup endeavors – the future is up to you!

We have….

FLEXIBLE WORK ENVIRONMENT – We have very deliberately built the dream team of innovation heavyhitters. We take this task seriously! Everyone in the team is so fantastic that they could choose to work anywhere they please. We take great pride that they choose to do their best work here. It is our job to make sure that this choice is the easiest one they have to make!
AWESOME OFFICES – The BlueChilli office is the veritable wishlist of any startup founder or tech pro. The Sydney headquarters is decked out with everything you could need to boost creative confidence and experimentation. Our workspace welcomes four-legged companions, too!
FREEDOM & AUTONOMY – Work-life balance is crucial at BlueChilli. The team has taken big steps to ensure everyone can bring their best selves to work. Starting with  flexible work environments, including both complete flexible hours and the ability to work from home at a moment’s notice. Giving everybody the freedom to own their time, we ensure that each and everyone in our team is working from the place that makes him or her the happiest.
AWESOME DAY-  BlueChilli gives everyone a yearly AwesomeDay – a whole day free to use on anything they choose to. This day doesn’t count against annual or sick leave. It’s a free day to use for inspiration, recharging or simply enjoying life!
INCENTIVE PROGRAM BlueChilli is making investments in ensuring the the team and broader ecosystem is the best in the world. With newly appointed Heads of Diversity and Culture, both hires are tasked with making BlueChilli the best place to work in the world for everyone, everywhere. We’re on our way!

Maybe this role is not for you if….

  • You are not comfortable starting a task with incomplete information.
  • You need a lot of direction on a daily-basis.
  • You are not particularly curious about the startup or innovation ecosystem.
  • You are looking to work in a big team with a lot of structure – we like to keep things casual and autonomous at BlueChilli!

Interested? Great! Apply here.