Are you our new Head of Communications?

Day-in-a-Life of our Head of Communications

Our Head of Communications is the custodian and nurturer of the BlueChilli brand and all that is attached to it. We are so proud of the fact that our internal brands have been built so organically. Now that we are looking beyond our walls for global expansion, we need a passionate brand designer to build our brands and pull them all together. You will be leading the Communications Teams in delivering our brand and marketing strategies across BlueChilli, our corporate-backed programs and our employer brand through all our channels.

The role is responsible for the content deployment for our social media and blogs, PR, our partner messaging and team profiles. We are counting on you to inspire, lead and direct our growing Communications Team and to align their work to the broader goals of the business. You will also run facilitated workshops for our Founders, teaching them to love, embrace and deploy growth marketing in their budding businesses.

Typical tasks

  • Leadership – being the guide, voice and advocate for the Communications Team; provide advice to the Leadership team on everything regarding our positioning in the marketing and communications strategy.  
  • Brand strategy and deployment – be responsible for the positioning the BlueChilli brand, our programs and our team.
  • Campaign management – managing Founder recruitment campaigns for our programs, often happening concurrently.   
  • Content generation – generating content; managing the deployment of social media – supported by the Marketing Strategist – including our blogs and corporate partner content.
  • Founder facilitation: sharing your expertise and running marketing workshops for our Founders as part of our Accelerator program and Immersion days.   

Type of projects you’ll be working on…

BlueChilli is very proud of the  brands we have built from the ground up. Here are some of the most recent ones:

You have….

  • A clear methodology for brand strategy for business-to-business positioning.
  • The ability to start working on a big project with limited information.
  • Ease and efficacy in communication, evidenced by the ability to turn corporate programs into a compelling – if not urgent – need for our corporate clients.
  • Magical abilities to turn data insights and trends into action-driven goals for our Communications Team.
  • The power to write captivating content for our pitches, and community outreach.

It would be extra awesome if you also had…

  • A  passion and curiosity for the startup and innovation ecosystem.
  • A healthy network of PR and media contacts that can help spread the BlueChilli mission.

You are…

  • A quick learner – you love learning new things, and quickly figuring out how to do things for the first time.
  • A collaborator – you enjoy communicating and collaborating in a professional, approachable and effective manner with a diverse range of stakeholders.
  • Calm in the storm – we’re a high-energy team often operating on last minute opportunities. Knowing you’ve got things covered will help keep us calm and in control!
  • A problem-solver – you are comfortable with making decisions with limited information and resources.

If you do a good job…

There is a lot of room for growth in this role. We have a few pathways for success at BlueChilli and this role will be leading a team that is being deliberately built from the ground up. You will help us shape your team and steer it into our global expansion. The future is up to you!

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Maybe this role is not for you if….

  • You need a lot of direction or structure.
  • You are looking for a hierarchical team – we have a flat structure and offer individual paths of growth.

Interested? Great! Apply here.

>> This role is open Australia-wide and to all levels and ranges of background and experience. <<