Are you our new Front End Developer?

Day-in-a-Life of a JavaScript Developer

One of the things most exciting about working at BlueChilli is that no two days are the same. You’ll get to switch gears between writing JavaScript tools and libraries one day, to being involved in meetings to outline a new project the next.

You’ll have your technical skills tested and improved regularly, you’ll find yourself in meetings with passionate founders with great ideas looking to you to bring them to life, and you’ll be working within a team who are just as passionate as you are.

You’ll be responsive for new projects end-to-end, you’ll get to tinker with some of the BlueChilli frameworks and help with tooling, and you’ll also get your hands dirty on some existing projects and learn how we do it at BlueChilli.

Your typical tasks will be:

  • Work with your team, including the startup founder, the design and development team and the business advisor, to confirm and validate a minimal viable product
  • Advise the team on the best technology choices for the particular application
  • Use your creativity and passion to come up with solutions for founders that elegantly and efficiently meet their customer’s needs
  • Build mobile app MVPs that can grow into scalable products with their businesses
  • Contribute to a lean agile team and process

You have….

  • Experience in production React application development
  • Foundational understanding of functional programming
  • Extensive front-end development experience, including dealing with browser quirks

You are…

  • A team-player. Teamwork is everything when it comes to building a business
  • Someone who is excited by working in an ever-changing environment
  • A creative problem-solver who enjoys making big things with small resources
  • Organised and passionate about getting stuff done.

We have….

FLEXIBLE WORK ENVIRONMENT – We have very deliberately built the dream team of innovation heavyhitters. We take this task seriously! Everyone in the team is so fantastic that they could choose to work anywhere they please. We take great pride that they choose to do their best work here. It is our job to make sure that this choice is the easiest one they have to make!

AWESOME OFFICES – The BlueChilli office is the veritable wishlist of any startup founder or tech pro. The Sydney headquarters is decked out with everything you could need to boost creative confidence and experimentation. Our workspace welcomes four-legged companions, too!

FREEDOM & AUTONOMY – Work-life balance is crucial at BlueChilli. The team has taken big steps to ensure everyone can bring their best selves to work. Starting with  flexible work environments, including both complete flexible hours and the ability to work from home at a moment’s notice. Giving everybody the freedom to own their time, we ensure that each and everyone in our team is working from the place that makes him or her the happiest.

AWESOME DAY-  BlueChilli gives everyone a yearly AwesomeDay – a whole day free to use on anything they choose to. This day doesn’t count against annual or sick leave. It’s a free day to use for inspiration, recharging or simply enjoying life!

INCENTIVE PROGRAM – BlueChilli is making investments in ensuring the the team and broader ecosystem is the best in the world. With newly appointed Heads of Diversity and Culture, both hires are tasked with making BlueChilli the best place to work in the world for everyone, everywhere. We’re on our way!

Interested? Great. Apply here.