Are you our new Growth Designer in Singapore?

Please note that this role requires a candidate that is a Singapore permanent resident or citizen.

Day-in-a-Life of our Growth Designer

A BlueChilli growth design is a new role which starts a new era for our startup accelerators and venture builds with corporates. We mainly work with young companies which have new, innovative products in the market. A growth designer plays a key role in driving growth for these companies and helping startups deliver on their ambitious goals. In practice, this means you will have the opportunity to do everything from user research to visual design and running growth experiments. 

Your key tasks will include: 

  • Being the key advocate for the user in the startup’s business. This includes talking to users and conducting user research with the founders where necessary.
  • Identify weaknesses on a startup’s landing page that hurt conversion, and helping them to experiment with alternatives.
  • Developing visual assets for new experiments and general marketing purposes
  • Running user tests for a new product to help startups prioritise their roadmaps.
  • Taking enormous pride in running lean and learning from MVPs and failures. You champion the benefits of failing fast in front of founders and the community.  

Type of projects you’ll be working on… 

BlueChilli works with a vast array of Founders and Startups. Here are some examples:: 

The tools we use 

Just so you get a better picture of how we work, here are some tools we use

  • G-Suite and Google Drive for emails and documents
  • Slack for day to day communication
  • Asana to organise projects and builds
  • as a hub to share knowledge and learnings
  • Airtable to keep track of important data
  • Zapier to make our life easier. In fact, we have over 100 automations live right now. 🙂

You have…. 

  • Experience in Product design (from UI to UX, portfolio required)
  • A habit to execute with the end in mind, and run experiments the lean way
  • A way of building productive relationships with all kinds of people from all sorts of backgrounds

Definitely not required, but let us know if you also have any of the following… 

  • Experience working in a startup and or passion and enthusiasm for startups
  • Knowledge of and passion for metrics (e.g. AARRR)
  • Great organisational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to clearly communicate and work as a team with our awesome team of product managers and engineers.

If you do a good job… 

There is a lot of room for growth in this role! We have a few pathways for success at BlueChilli; from leading the Product within our organisation, or whether you see this as a starting point for your own startup endeavours. The future is up to you!

Maybe this role is not for you if…. 

  • You are not comfortable with incomplete information – startups deal with uncertainty every day
  • You need a lot of direction or structure for daily tasks – our team is very autonomous!
  • You are looking for a hierarchical team – we have a flat structure and offer individual paths of growth!

To learn about what BlueChilli offers and employee benefits, click here.

Maybe this role is not for you if….

  • You easily get overwhelmed by working on a number of projects at the same time
  • You prefer working alone rather than as part of a team.

Is this you? Awesome! Apply here.