Are you our new Program Director in Singapore?

Day-in-a-Life of our Program Director, Health (Singapore)

The overall goal of the Program Director is to drive and deliver a valuable program to stakeholders including partners, startups and investors. As the captain of the ship, he or she will set the strategic direction and lead the team towards the promised land.

You will draw on your skills as a communicator, relationship builder, organiser and strategic thinker to bring together the different stakeholders in the program and ensure there is clear direction to achieve the shared goals.

You will work closely with the Accelerator Manager (who is  is responsible for the design and delivery of BlueChilli’s world class accelerator curriculum) to build upon the general curriculum to deliver a bespoke program catering to the needs of non-technical founders, and driving targeted engagement with and outcomes for our corporate partners, including curation of events and additional content to effectively deliver to the theme of that program.

You will have a challenging, diverse and rewarding role to ensure a continued high standard in BlueChilli’s work to support entrepreneurship and ensure the longevity of your program, and growth for BlueChilli.

Typical tasks:

  • Account and relationship management with clients to deliver on contract requirements and secure program renewal
  • Network with and recruit industry, ecosystem, media and government partners and collaborators, as necessary
  • Act as a spokesperson for the program (internally and externally) to attract great founders and advocate for the mission of your program, and BlueChilli in general.
  • Oversee design and strategy for bespoke program delivery and regular program events, ensuring the principles of inclusion and empowerment are placed at the centre of program and event curation
  • Regular travel on behalf of the program, domestically and internationally
  • Pitching, writing & speaking engagements with partners, sponsors, media and at events
  • Recruit and liaise with expert mentors and advisors to engage them in the program in support of the founders
  • Deliver a successful sourcing campaign for founder recruitment in collaboration with the BlueChilli Communications team, as well as the ongoing content campaigns.
  • Liaise with partners to help founders identify and secure pilot opportunities for their startups
  • Work  with the  program EiR(s)  to translate partner requirements to startups and coach founders through the highs and lows of the accelerator program
  • Provide internal reporting and feedback on the progress of the program and supply reporting and metrics requested by the clients to demonstrate partnership ROI

Type of projects you’ll be working on…

  • Health Tech (government-backed startup accelerator),  based in Singapore.
  • Helping establish our Singapore presence and being the main point of contact in the region.

You are…

  • A Communicator – you can translate realities of startup land to a wide range of audiences :as founders, partners or supporters.
  • A Relationship-builder – you can quickly establish authentic, trusted connections with people.
  • A Steward – you are able to make decisions quickly balancing the best interest of the program, the partners, the founders and the team.
  • A Shepherd – you will be able to guide founders in the program like a shepherd watching over your flock, coaching them through the challenges of stepping into this new world of startups.
  • Calm in the storm –  The team, the startups and the corporate partners will look to you yo provide guidance, stability and assurance during tough times and peak periods of activity.
  • A team player – this is a hands-on, all-in role so you need to be willing to get into the trenches and get your hands dirty behind the scenes in order to deliver exceptional results front-of-house.

It would be extra awesome if you also had…

  • An enthusiasm and excitement about entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Experience in client liaison, account management or relationship management.
  • Experience dealing with media and/or running (or working across) campaigns with digital and PR/events components.
  • Experience in facilitation, presenting and/or coaching.

If you do a good job…

You’ll have the opportunity to grow your network and connections with great leaders in the Australian, Asian and international tech and innovation ecosystem – to share learnings and tap into the wealth of experience that exists across this network. Your success will be directly correlated to increasing the value of the value of your ESOP (in the BlueChilli portfolio) and your profile in the Leadership team.

For other employee benefits, please go to: Life at BlueChilli

Maybe this role is not for you if….

  • You easily get overwhelmed by working on a number of priorities at the same time
  • You need a lot of direction or structure.
  • You are looking for a hierarchical team – we have a flat structure and offer individual paths of growth.