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Product Manager, Singapore

A BlueChilli product manager plays a key role in building our startup businesses and their products, helping to take startups from idea stage to product launch using our Lean Agile methodology. There is a lot of room for growth in this role! We have a few pathways for success at BlueChilli; from leading the Product within our organisation, or whether you see this as a starting point for your own startup endeavours. The future is up to you... Find out more! 

Growth Designer, Singapore

A BlueChilli growth design is a new role which starts a new era for our startup accelerators and venture builds with corporates. We mainly work with young companies which have new, innovative products in the market. A growth designer plays a key role in driving growth for these companies and helping startups deliver on their ambitious goals. In practice, this means you will have the opportunity to do everything from user research to visual design and running growth experiments.  Find out more!


While we don’t accept applications via email – feel free to ask any questions on crew@bluechilli.com.

**BlueChilli will never approach you via a recruiter or a third party. We handle all our recruitment internally. If you are contacted for a role not listed below, please contact us on crew@bluechilli.com.

*** Please beware of recent employment scams. No one other than our Head of People is authorised to make an employment offer of any kind on behalf of BlueChilli.


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