Harry is a polyglot software developer specialising in front-end development. He is passionate about making web technology more accessible and impactful in order to enrich the lives of its users. With a diverse work background, Harry has always sought to express himself creativity while valuing the functional value of engineering, so he’s found software development to be the perfect blend of the two motivations.

Harry believes that we should all work together to empower each other through sharing knowledge. After all, teaching is the best way to reinforce and challenge your own knowledge. He has worked as a Web Development Immersive instructor at a General Assembly in Melbourne, and continues to deliver workshops and classes to students of all professional backgrounds.

When he's not debugging lines of javascript, Harry can be found labouring over a new illustration, spending time with his family, or chasing a new 1RM.

If aliens invaded and offered you a position on their planet in exchange for anything you want, what would you want?

I'd ask to be involved in space exploration missions. If these aliens got to us, that means they can quite possibly get to any other given place in the universe. I think exploring the star ocean would be a worthy way to live your life.