Creating applications that empowers people to do awesome things!

Fatima has recently moved to Sydney, by taking her own advice, for the amazing lifestyle and breathtaking natural beauty. Already few months in and she is pleased that all the things she thought she would love about Sydney living are true. Fatima is an experienced mobile developer specialising in iOS application development. Her main focus is on building mobile applications using object oriented programming languages such as C# and Objective-C.

Prior to joining BlueChilli, Fatima has worked as an iOS developer at an IT-based organisation providing technology solutions for growing businesses. Along with the rest of the development team, she has worked on some business and education based projects through which she had a chance to put her knowledge and creativity into practice. She has a strong passion for learning and keen interest in creating applications that empowers people, and pushes forward what they can do with technology.

In her spare time, that is when she is not glued to a computer screen, she can be found at a cozy local cafe with view of a rain garden, having a cup of coffee while reading a book. She is also fond of sunshine, shopping and bushwalking. When someone writes Fatima’s full length bio, she’ll call it “The Story Of A Girl With A Pink Coffee Cup, Who Happens to Code!”.

If aliens invaded and in exchange for anything you want, offered you a position on their planet, what would you want?

I’d be happy to become their minister of foreign affairs and handle all their diplomatic relations with the Earth. I believe I can develop an environment of information exchange and mutual learning with them.