Merging the border between the design and programming environments...

Daniel hopped over from Manchester (UK) to Sydney over a year ago, mainly for the much warmer weather and the adventure. After experiencing Australia and its many beaches he decided to stay here and has never looked back! He is a mobile developer who specialises in making cross platform apps using Xamarin. Although he started off building native iOS applications. His passions lie with merging the border between the design and programming environments as well as leveraging emerging technologies within the iOT world.

His motivation comes from the desire to learn and build upon the technical skills he already has. He acquired his first professional role before he officially graduated from university where he “deep-dived” into learning all he could about the iOS language and the Apple eco-system. This passion is what drives him today; Creating and learning.

When not at BlueChilli, Daniel can be found exploring the many sights of Sydney whilst getting fit in the day and dancing away at the many techno events in the night.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?'

I would love to fly, as I'd be able to get places super quick and easy as well as have an excuse to wear a cape whilst pretending to be Superman.