A love of all things tech and a massive data nerd at heart...

Chanie is the Head of Marketing, within a team of amazing marketing specialists. With a love of all things tech and a massive data nerd at heart, getting to hear about new ideas and innovation is why Chanie loves working with BlueChilli. She gets to flex her creative and analytical muscles working across our accelerator programs (SheStarts and CityConnect) and with all kinds of founders.

With 10 plus years in the world of Marketing, Chanie was around when people were dropping hundreds of millions on TV and Radio campaigns. This has led to a passion for squeaking out every dollar for brands and founders, no matter the campaign. Working across many industries has given Chanie great oversight to how to tap into hard to find and reach audiences through creative and technical ways.

Leading the overall marketing strategy for across the BlueChilli portfolio of brands is a challenging but rewarding task as Chanie and the team help identify the best audiences, channels and messaging and engage the wider startup community to increase BlueChilli's success.

Before working with BlueChilli, Chanie was part of the success of one of the tech darlings of the Australian startup world “BugHerd”, helping it achieve its peak customer base. Chanie moved from corporate land to startup about 6 years ago and can’t consider ever going back, startups are where it’s at!

Outside of BC, Chanie is passionate about 3 major things, fitness, food and felines. Finding a way to combine the three would be the epitome of heaven.