The Technical Powerhouse

Alejandro grew up in Venezuela and moved to Australia almost 10 years ago. He moved within 2 months of his friend convincing him to do so. Alejandro is BlueChilli's Head of Engineering, which means he manages the development team and is responsible for growing BlueChilli's reputation as a technical powerhouse. Always looking forward, Alejandro is particularly interested in growing BlueChilli's capacity in the fields of Artificial Intelligence & bot technology, Virtual Reality and big data.

Prior to BlueChilli, Alejandro worked as a senior developer with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. He's been with BlueChilli for almost 4 years now and most of all, loves working alongside a group of people that love solving diverse and difficult challenges. He has been a significant contributor to the code-bases of numerous BlueChilli companies and plays a key role in strategic decisions on their technical solutions.

Outside of BlueChilli, Alejandro loves to play video games, catch up with friends for food and drinks and play video games. Did I mention video games? If he could choose a superpower, he would choose the zen-like ability to shut out noise from his brain at any given moment. Or super-speed, that would also be legit.

If aliens invaded and in exchange for anything you want, offered you a position on their planet, what would you want?


If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Shut off my brain and maybe super-speed