startup tips
Micro Business Grant
If you’re a micro business (startup, small business or sole trader with annual turnover of more than $30,000 and under $75,000) impacted by the current Greater Sydney COVID-19 restrictions, you may be able to apply for a $1,500 payment per fortnight of restrictions from late July 2021. Eligibility Criteria A turnover between $30k and $75kA...
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3 SheStarts Founders
We had the pleasure of collaborating with General Assembly on this panel where we asked 3 brilliant SheStarts women startup founders about their experiences with founding their startup. They told us how they’ve funded their startup, from bootstrapping to raising capital, about the failures they encountered along the way and how they overcame them. We’re...
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Triiyo Empowering parents
This is a guest blog by Rebecca Grainger, CEO and founder of Triiyo, a customised platform that transforms the parental leave experience for employees through enhanced communication, engagement and connectivity. Currently 11 weeks into the Xcelerate program, Rebecca has uncovered a lot of truths about being a woman in her 40’s, a mum and a...
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Presentation skills for startup founders - Think Texas
Pete Lead is BlueChilli’s Accelerator Manager who ensures our founders are fully prepared to flourish after their accelerator program has finished. Pete has more than 20 years experience delivering training on improvised comedy, theatre, presentation and communication skills, and business leadership. He has performed comedy shows in Australia, USA and Canada. Public speaking and presenting...
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