Amatil Xcelerate Scaleup Program
What’s the difference? BlueChilli is offering a new type of program: a scale-up accelerator. So what’s the difference between that and our award-winning startup accelerator? Thinking about it from the partner’s side. Corporations are putting their name to a startup accelerator and a scale-up accelerator. There are three important motives for corporate partners: to improve...
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One of the more interesting parts of my job is I get to meet with a lot of people. Potential investors, suppliers, angels, institutional investors, corporate parters etc.  And a question I get all the time is “what is my favourite startup” in our portfolio.  Of course, I love all my children equally, but I usually...
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On International Women’s Day this year, the team at BlueChilli held a little breakfast with our friends from LMBDW, and announced a simple plan to launch a new accelerator program just for women. The champagne glasses clinked, the emails started flying and the corresponding blog by our GM Innovation Colette Grgic seemed to light a...
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