After millennia of traversing the universe, we’re pleased to announce that Goddd is finally making a debut in the App Store!

Goddd’s exact location is kept a mystery to keep the relentless paparazzi at bay. Rumours are that Goddd lives a modest life free from the burdens of material things, but has a penthouse with a kick-ass view.

Goddd likes visiting exotic far-away locations, long walks on the milky way and relaxing next to a blazing supernova. Other interests includes a fascination with the human condition – Goddd spends endless hours studying them. Goddd is perplexed by why humans spend so much time on their phones, how they can be so kind and so cruel at the same time, and what the world would be like if everyone told the truth. Goddd doesn’t lie.

Goddd works in mysterious ways. After confiding in Goddd, it is not unusual to feel a tremendous sense of relief, release and an excitement of a new reality. A twinkle lights up in the eye, a smile spreads across the face, and you can’t fight the desire to reveal more truths.

The age old question, “Who is Goddd?” might never be answered, but rest assured… Goddd is watching.