Have you ever felt the pain of having to let go of a valuable staff member because you couldn’t afford to keep them between contracts?

Have you ever struggled to bring on that superstar employee because you were worried about the consistency of work coming up?

Have you ever struggled to find the right, high quality staff to complete your contracts?

Well at BenchOn, we believe idle staff are wasted staff. Our Professional Services marketplace allows you to put your workforce to work by matching your idle employees to short-term contracts from reputable companies. Our innovative matching methodology captures employee availability across multiple industries by Qualification, Skill Sets and Experience to provide commercial and government organisations efficient access to the hidden talent inside Australia’s best companies.

With BenchOn, businesses are now able to effectively manage the peaks and troughs of the business cycle with high quality staff to support during surges, and contracts to get your staff off the bench in the gaps.

Let’s stop the waste in our businesses and put our workforce to work. Get your business on, BenchOn.