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We at BlueChilli were honoured to be chosen by the City of Canterbury Bankstown to run their Smart Waste Virtual Hackathon.

Out of the applicants, we selected 16 brilliant teams — 6 startup teams and 10 ideas teams. The startups who participated were:

  • Sky Ledge: Business Intelligence platform offering real-time data insights.
  • Relievables: Responsible business platform for managing businesses’ social and environmental impact.
  • BinSense: Patented technology that ‘smells’ biodegradable contamination in recycling bins and alerts the truck driver to avoid collecting contaminated bins. 
  • Circular Centre: The world’s first circular design system for textiles.
  • Charopy: Smart bin that allows only the right type of bottles and cans to be deposited and redeemed.
  • RecycleSmart: Collects difficult to recycle soft plastics, e-waste, toxic items and clothes, and recycles them 100%.

The top 4 chosen to continue to pitch night were: Sky Ledge, Circular Centre, Relievables and BinSense.

Watch this 3.5 minute video to see the highlights and find out who won!

Watch the full pitches here: