Tim Walmsley is certainly a mission focused entrepreneur. An Army veteran with over 13 years experience as an executive in both government and commercial Defence sectors, Tim has brought this focus and drive to the startup scene to solve the problem of employee underutilisation.

Having left the Army as a Major, he tried his hand at Project Management, Strategy and Business Development working for an innovative, international consulting company. It was here that he saw first-hand, the pain that small business owners feel when they have to let go of staff that they have invested so much time, money and effort in simply because there was a gap in a contract. These staff aren’t just positions, they are people with families and mortgages, who have cultivated skills and corporate knowledge that are invaluable to the firm. Losing just one of these types of staff can set a small business back years in their capability development.

It was when Tim heard a large corporate client complain that they didn’t have a bench of professionals sitting around idly, waiting to respond to the urgent requests of their government clients that the idea for BenchOn was born. BenchOn has now signed some of the biggest names in industry and Tim is only just starting to scratch the surface of the benefits to business, employees and the economy in general that BenchOn provides.

Supported by his wife Katie, Tim has the global market in his sights. His mission: Put your workforce to work!