Sujata began her corporate career working in procurement for global mining companies in systems, analytics and process improvement.

It was on a trip to Mongolia, where she saw first-hand the development of micro-enterprises that her interest in supply chain ethics and local business development started. Since that time, she has had roles in mining working with small businesses in regional mining towns, and for a national department store, implementing their ethical sourcing strategy.

It’s in ethical sourcing that her passion truly lies. So many of us don’t know where the products we use every day come from – where the raw materials were sourced, environmental impacts of production, the conditions of the factories and the workers who were part of the process. So many products we know and use daily (think chocolate, a cotton t-shirt, makeup) comes from a supply chain rife with human trafficking, child labour, poor animal welfare, enormous water useage, the list goes on. It’s her hope that through Unscrabble, we can start to shed more light on these hidden elements of our supply chain and start to address these issues in a real, meaningful way.

Sujata’s background in systems and analytics has enabled her to understand exactly what processes and systems are required to support and promote an ethical supply chain. It’s this knowledge that has gone into Unscrabble, along with the extensive supply chain process and systems expertise from co-founder Steve Mardon. Together, they have created a system that has practical and commercial value, but is always focused on the vision of delivering social benefit.

When she’s not working or Unscrabbling, you can find Sujata at The League of Extraordinary Women events (she’s a huge advocate and supporter of women in business and women in tech), baking in the kitchen (reminiscing on the days when she had her own cupcake business – Miss Sophisticake), and annoying Facebook friends with one too many pictures of her dober-baby Lana.