Steve has worked with some of the largest global resources companies such as Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Anglo American and led Procurement systems and process improvement initiatives in these companies.

These roles have given Steve experience in developing and implementing systems for transactional procurement, e-Procurement and e-Sourcing, contracts management, sourcing & category management, enterprise data warehouse and analytics, and vendor portals.

Steve is recognized for his expertise in governance & leadership in E-Procurement and Procure–to–Pay processes, Global Sourcing, Strategic Supply and transactional supply management.

Working for over 20 years in Procurement & Supply Chain, I saw first hand the struggle that large companies have with change and innovation. Despite enormous investments in systems, there are still processes that are unsupported, frustrating for buyers and suppliers and still largely manual and time consuming. The tendency for large companies is to focus on their largest processes and meanwhile, in the background, the little things fester and don’t get addressed.

I believe there’s a role for innovative startups to tackle the problems that get left untouched and that companies can be more accountable for what occurs in the supply chains they purchase from.

That’s my inspiration to tackle problems with a fresh approach with my own startup.

Unscrabble is a solution that companies use to connect with each other. When the connection is made, then information can be easily shared between the companies. It’s an information sharing solution that builds on relationships between companies.
Our vision is to connect companies with all of their suppliers and to deliver transparency right through the extended supply chain.

With increased transparency, companies can ensure Socially Responsible practices in their supply chains – which is becoming increasingly expected by customers investors and the community.