Many of life’s most important lessons are at once terrible and liberating. This was something Airloom founder and director Sally Coldham discovered in her final year of design school, when her Mum passed away. On top of enormous grief, a Pandora’s Box opened for Sally and those close to her. One of complexity, legal jargon, red tape, pain, and conflict. After her surprise that there was no single place she could go to for help, Sally began thinking objectively about how she could apply her design expertise to make the process easier, so people wouldn’t have to go through what she had. That was how Airloom began.

Prior to founding Airloom, Sally was an Industrial Designer and Account Manager at Melbourne based design firm Popcorn Displays. Sally studied at Swinburne University, University of Melbourne and won a design scholarship to complete her honours year at Aalto Design Factory in Helsinki.