is an engineer with a passion for design, technology, business, and growth.

MattOriginally from Canada, Matt’s first business at age 15 was building a web design company for local businesses in his small town, growing to employ other students. Following his love of technology, he went on to study engineering and business at the University of Toronto and University of Sydney, focusing on engineering design, entrepreneurship, optimization and developing financial tools, as well as helping lead an entrepreneurship incubator for student-led ventures.

Corporate internships in banking and energy provided invaluable technical experience and connections, but reaffirmed his desire to build his own businesses. An entrepreneurship program sent him on an exchange across Europe and Australia, where he met the BlueChilli team in the early stages of StarPower’s development.

With business partner Terri Hitchcock producing a film, and a brother working in the entertainment industry, the need for StarPower in the marketplace was clear to both co-founders as they saw how stars and their teams worked online. A new business was born.