John graduated as an accountant and he walked like a banker for a good portion of his career. He has over 20 years experience in business and banking, and worked in business finance and international trade finance both locally and in the U.K. But John is not your average banker. He has built and sold custom motorbikes, dabbled in exportation of live crabs, and he founded and sold two telecommunications startups whilst living in the U.K.

As a veteran of three global, economic downturns, John is not afraid to make the confronting decisions that would keep most people up at night. After building an incredibly successful U.K. startup in nine short months, he caught wind of the beginnings of the GFC and had the foresight and fortitude needed to made the decision to sell before the startup was hammered by the markets.

In addition to an ability to read the financial markets and navigate periods of economic uncertainty, John loves solving problems (he often solves them in his sleep!) and he has an eye for new opportunities. His experience in banking, finance and the challenges of establishing his own startups helped forge the idea for OTHERA. Since then, he has been listening to the market and utilising emerging blockchain technology to guide the development of OTHERA’s credit decisioning and risk analysis platform.

John has a big vision for OTHERA and is focused on executing it. Having launched in early 2016, OTHERA is riding the fintech wave (cowabunga!) and John is already in talks with banks and lenders who want to utilise OTHERA’s proprietary technology.