For a decade Hugh saved brands time and money using digital media. Now Hugh wants to put hours back into your week with a simple app.

Hugh has worked on all sides of the media landscape. He’s created customer journeys for banks, consumer brands, governments and more. With a firm grasp on the data behind successful campaigns, he knows the best way to a positive response is a strong idea communicated well.

It was his time as Digital Marketing Manager of Carsales where the power of tech first hand. Products that put large data sets in the hands of consumers is a firm way to success. Seeing agile development in action was a refreshing change from projects with many dependencies.

An avid life hacker, he finds inspiration in productivity tactics used by world leaders. He learned about ‘decision memos’ used by White House under the Obama administration. The simple check box system breaks even the biggest of issues faced by the president into blocks. Big policies move forward in small steps by ticking agree, disagree or let’s discuss.

This idea planted a seed. As the pace of email and messaging races ahead, the demand for structure in communication will be acute. Solve this challenge and other doors open up. Clear data set on the type and timing of decisions made will offer valuable analysis on business performance. Deliberate choices are an opportunity for new integrations and process automation.