As an avid and passionate sailor, experienced business and marketing professional and tech enthusiast, creating a tech startup for the sailing industry was a no-brainer.

Over the past few years Deborah Dalziel has spent countless hours at the yacht club, and one thing she’s noticed is the amount of time and effort that goes into managing the crew of a racing yacht, and finding people to race with. As a sailor Deborah has also put much effort into finding suitable yachts to sail on – both in Australia and overseas – not always with success. It was from these real and demonstrable problems that the concept for MySail was born.

As well as helping yacht-racing teams get their crew sorted, Deborah is also passionate about promoting and improving participation in the sport of sailing. She hears people say all the time that they would love to get involved in sailing, but don’t know how to get involved – and sees MySail as a way of helping them do just that.