Born and raised in London, UK, Danielle was brought to Australia by her parents at the age of 13 in the hopes for a better, more enriching life. Coming from a background of business owners, entrepreneurship was in Danielle’s blood. From a young age, she was encouraged to think creatively and outside the box – spending her weekends building contraptions using the tools in her Father’s shed. At age 10, she outsmart her younger Sister by selling her belongings for twice the price and pocketing the profit. During High School, she excelled as a Fine Artist and went on to win a major national art competition, where her artwork was exhibited in some of the top Art Galleries around Australia. In her spare time, she ran a successful child minding business, which was featured in a local newspaper.

After an inspirational 3 month journey around Europe, Danielle went on to study photography before venturing out on her own as a portrait and wedding photographer.

All of these experiences led her down the path of entrepreneurship. Today, Danielle is a self-taught graphic designer and web developer, and passionate entrepreneur with an eye for innovation and perfection.

Danielle works alongside her business partner, Sheree Evans, and together founded Therapair, a website that matches people with health and wellness professionals based on their individual preferences and allows them to book appointments with therapists they’ve been matched with online.

Together, they’ve learnt that sitting back and blending into the crowd doesn’t get you anywhere, but grabbing life by the horns and putting one step in front of the other is all it takes to make a change. And a change in the health and wellness industry is what they’ve set out to achieve.

Sharing a hunger for success, they believe in turning ideas into reality and that the best way to predict the future is to simply create it.