In addition to a variety of business consulting roles Craig has had over his 20 year career, he has also been involved in the startup of successful product & service organizations in both Africa and Australia. He is a recognized conference speaker in the domains of business architecture and the design of business. Actively involved in his community, Craig teaches children as well as adults through his church and businesses. He is passionate about uplifting others through education and problem solving, the two spaces that TribalMind merges together. He currently lives in Melbourne Australia with his wife of 17 years, a ballerina loving daughter, a maths genius son who will no doubt develop version 5 of TribalMind, and two lazy greyhounds. Craig has no musical instruments and has no plan to ever own any. He remains the occasional unfortunate recipient of Jeff’s sense of humor. This is one of the many reasons why him and Jeff balance each other out and work so well together.