Author, content strategist and entrepreneur Cas McCullough has a simple goal. She wants to put an end to expensive, boring, time-consuming business content.

In late 2014 Cas dreamed up Writally after asking the question: “What if there was a tool that helped businesses create quality content on a consistent basis without having to hire a copywriter for every blog post?” She sat on her idea for months, but every time someone asked her for a copywriting quote, the question surfaced again.

Finally, one Saturday morning, Cas made the impulsive decision to leap out of bed at 6am and drive into the city for a 7.30am startup pitching competition. She had never entered a pitch competition before and was surprised to be selected as a finalist in the Little Tokyo 2 SOOOB Pitch event. In April 2015 Cas won third place in the competition as well as support from mentors who saw the potential in her product.

In September that year, frustrated at the fact she couldn’t code and didn’t even know any coders, Cas was pulling out weeds in her front yard when she suddenly had the brain wave to start Writally as a productised service. It was this step that changed everything. She asked a group of business bloggers for feedback and tested out a basic questionnaire. What they discovered was that using the blog post recipes cut down the time it took to write a blog post by 40% or more.

Cas had paying customers right from the start and was able to show that Writally’s solution had traction. Fast forward to 2016. Cas entered the Collaborate small business solutions competition at the midnight hour and was selected as a finalist. She went on to win the competition, sponsored by Bluechilli, CCIQ, Suncorp and Microsoft.

It’s safe to say Cas is pretty obsessed with content and wants to help businesses get the best out of their content marketing.