Carlos is a passionate leader, strategist and he embraces a good challenge. He left a highly successful sales position in Brazil to begin again in Australia six years ago. Since arriving, Carlos has worked in the removals industry at all levels and across many industry areas including; establishing and selling a removals business, founding a recruitment company for the removals industry, and developing and implementing a warehousing system (ongoing) for one of Australia’s most recognised removals companies.

Carlos is utilising his extensive experience in operations management, systems development and warehousing to lead the development of Zapala Go. The vision for Zapala Go grew out of a deep understanding that the existing systems used by removals companies did not provide an end to end solution, with many companies still reliant on a mix of digital and paper based systems.

Zapala Go provides removal, relocation and storage companies with a simple, end- to- end solution to schedule, cost, track and trace their consignments. Through the Zapala Go platform, clients are able to obtain detailed, real- time information on the exact status and location of their consignments while in transit or storage, as well as an easily accessible inventory of the goods being moved.

Zapala Go can help clients to reduce labour and error costs by 35% per year. This is achieved by enabling open access to job information from any device, resulting in the streamlining of operations processes.

Throughout the development of Zapala Go, Carlos has been in active consultation with respected removals companies and the peak industry body, the Australian Furniture Removalists Association (AFRA). AFRA have fully endorsed Zapala Go as the best practice software that they recommend to all their Australian members.

Zapala Go is emerging as an innovative leader in the industry, facilitating a shift away from conventional paper based documentation to a fully integrated, digital system that will transform how the removal, relocation and storage industries manage their entire operations.