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BenchOn solves employee underutilisation by matching idle staff to short-term contracts with reputable companies and government agencies.

BenchOn has had a whirlwind start! In less than 16 months of trading they have grown to serve more than 300 corporate clients including an impressive stable of companies like Westpac, KPMG, Origin Energy and SAAB.

More than $25M worth of contracts have been processed through the BenchOn platform, with impressive monthly growth. Having started in Defence Industry, they have already branched into IT, Professional Services, Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Finance and Marketing with an aim to support all Australian industries.


People and Partners

Major corporate partners and customers:

Our social impact arm is partnered with WithYouWithMe to support veterans transitioning from the Defence Force into successful commercial careers. In terms of corporate customers there are many including Westpac, KPMG, Origin Energy, SAAB, Jacobs Australia, BMT Design and Technology and many more.

Size of the team:

CEO, COO, Lead Developer, Business Development Manager.

Benchon and BlueChilli

BlueChilli have been instrumental in getting BenchOn where it is today. As a non- technical founder, BlueChilli taught me everything we would need to know and provided a team of developers, marketing professionals and business advisors which allowed us to develop an MVP and start earning revenue.

 BlueChilli has the benefit of hindsight, having help start so many companies, which we found invaluable to preventing us learning lessons the hard way. Nearly 2 years later, they are still our biggest cheer squad and we feel very much part of the family.


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