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156 program accelerator

BlueChilli has developed a practical program to guide you through the 156 steps from zero to one.

156 steps from zero to one

A practical approach to accelerating your startup from start to investment.

A few years ago, the team at BlueChilli sat down and brainstormed all the practical steps to take an idea through to Series A Venture Capital.  We identified 156 things that needed be done, from incorporating a company through to hiring your first employee to raising venture capital.  We wrote all these down and created a process for every single one of them - and called this 156.

The 156 program is supported by our team of Entrepreneurs in Residences (EIRs) who have experience in starting, launching, funding and exiting startups.  Our EIRs mentor every startup through our program and provide guidance and advice to help entrepreneurs go from zero to one.

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Helping you mitigate failure

There are four main reasons why startups fail, we mitigate the risks of these through a 156 step program.

Team Risk

We mitigate the team risk by running our entrepreneurs through a proprietary system called 156, named after the original 156 steps required to take a team from idea through to independent business. We further mitigate the risk by controlling the recruitment pipeline for each startup.

Technology Risk

42% of startups fail due to the wrong product and 75% of tech startup budgets are spent on technology.  We mitigate this risk by embedding a startup studio into each startup, lending a full stack tech team to each entrepreneur and using our ChilliSource technology framework, which mitigates scope creep, cost blowouts and misaligned idea-product.

Traction Risk

The traction risk is mitigated in the rigour of 156 and further mitigated by partnering with corporates with our innovation programs. By starting with a corporate need on day one, we build startups that have an immediate reach with a motivated partner geared to the startup’s success.

Tender (Finance) Risk

With a network of over 300 high net worth investors, a capital raising platform and venture capital funds to invest directly in startups, we mitigate the risk of tender by making it easier for our quality startups to raise capital. 

Accelerator Benefits

$360,000 of Azure cloud services and Bizspark Plus membership

Akamai’s premium Ion CDN solution up to 500GB/mo for free for 1 year

Membership in Microsoft Bizspark Plus program, Office 365 & MSDN access

$25,000 in stripe credits for online credit card transactions

Incorporation in the US through Stripe Atlas program

$200 of Upwork credit and two recruitment support sessions

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