What more can we do to support the growth of Australia’s future innovation industries?

Assistant Minister for Innovation Hon Wyatt Roy MP today announced the launch of Policy Hack, a new initiative in industry policy design to take place on Saturday 17 October in Sydney.

“The Federal Government is committed to making innovation a centrepiece of the Australian economy,” said Roy. “Policy Hack is an experiment to see if we can adopt some of the processes used to develop innovation in fields such as tech startups, biotech, agtech, fintech, renewables and resources.”

“Policy Hack is an adaptation of the ‘hackathon’ methodology used to identify and develop innovative ideas in startup industries,” said Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, founder and CEO of BlueChilli, an Australian startup accelerator, incubator, digital agency and venture fund, and organisers and host of the first iteration of Policy Hack.

“The first stage is for these industries, policy experts and anyone in the Australian community with the beginning of a new idea in this area to contribute that idea in an online forum, which you can find at www.policyhack.com.au. Please also review the ideas others have contributed and ‘vote up’ those ideas you think are the most interesting,” said Eckersley-Maslin.

The authors of the best ideas as voted by the online community will be invited to Sydney on 17 October to join a team of expert volunteers from industry and government to spend a day collaborating to develop their ideas further. At the end of the day, all the teams will pitch the results of their work to an expert panel. Following Policy Hack, these ideas will be made available on the Policy Hack website for further discussion, debate and collaboration.

“Policy Hack is an opportunity for the community, industry and government to collaborate on developing innovative solutions to some of Australia’s most pressing policy problems and help foster the growth of innovation industries in Australia,” said Mr Roy.

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