Augmented reality safety app SafetyCompass launches

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The key driver for Adam Poole, founder of Safety Compass, was a depressing workplace statistic where globally 1 person is killed every 15 seconds.  This equates to over 5,500 people a day or 2.5 million people a year who don’t come home from work.  “It’s a confronting issue and coming from a professional safety background in heavy industry, I can see how easily it can happen”, Adam, with a decade of experience in the professional safety industry, said when starting.

The problem with current workplace safety OH&S practices is the information is delivered in bulk during an “induction process”.  Workers are expected to absorb several manuals worth of safety information before setting foot on an industrial site.  The challenge is this volume of information is not readily available and importantly, many hazards are obscured or not obvious on a worksite.

1 person is killed every 15 seconds in the workplace

Using geo-tagged data, SafetyCompass solves this problem by providing the safety information through a mobile app when a worker approaches a hazard.  The worker is able to use the augmented reality technology to identify the hazard and see the associated safety information.

SafetyCompass has soft launched with partners Bluescope and Endeavour Energy as well as a number of US based companies who are piloting the app ahead of a public launch in the next few months.

SafetyCompass is backed by BlueChilli, Mirin Capital and BlackSheep Capital.