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Smart Cities

The world is urbanising, fast. By 2030, the urban population of developing countries will double, while the area covered by cities will triple. Smart Cities promise to be more liveable, inclusive, prosperous, resilient and efficient, yet advances in technology are still largely untapped. Now is the time for breakthrough solutions that make urban places better for citizens.

Launching in 2017, CityConnect is our open innovation program that offers a unique opportunity to engage citizens and entrepreneurs to find solutions which make cities better places to live, work, play, trade and move.  To find out more, contact the CityConnect team at

  Program Director

Johanna Pitman is the Program Director for CityConnect. Prior to BlueChilli, Johanna was the Deputy CEO for the Committee for Sydney, an independent think-tank advocating for global best practice in city-making. Johanna brings a deep understanding of urban issues and economic development, through senior roles in Federal and State agencies, and the UK Government’s overseas trade network. Johanna is passionate about connecting the right players to create smart cities that are productive, inclusive and liveable for all.


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