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When two of the property industry’s leading thought-leaders on urban innovation had a bold idea to use social media to help citymakers measure the urban life in neighbourhoods, they asked BlueChilli to play the lead role in building the MVP of their groundbreaking social analytics platform – in under four months.

Venture Build > a data platform that can measure & track urban life in neighbourhoods

Finding out what makes neighbourhoods tick is hard – it’s a major pain point for citymakers who are making huge investment decisions and only have a short window to get it right. But measuring urban life using traditional sources, like the census or surveys, is expensive, time-consuming and unreliable. Jessica and Lucinda were urban designers and serious entrepreneurs who’d been leading the global conversation on urban innovation for more than a decade – but didn’t have the tech experience to bring their bold idea to life.

BlueChilli was hired to play a leading role in building the first iteration of the product: an online tool that could compile publicly-available data from digital sources to show where citizens spend their time and display the insights in a meaningful way for customers to make better, data-driven business decisions.


  • High-fidelity prototype launched into market within six weeks, gaining traction with customers, bringing in revenue and allowing rapid iteration based on real-time user behaviour
  • Built the first commercially-viable product in under three months that compiled data from a range of social media platforms to give councils and property developers intelligence on where and how citizens spend their time
  • Neighbourlytics now creates valuable data for over 500 neighbourhoods across 10 countries and boasts 60+ of the world’s leading citymakers, governments and developers as clients, including Stockland, Frasers Property, Telstra, the Queensland Government and Government of Scotland
  • Recently secured an oversubscribed $1.25M seed investment to fuel growth and fast-track development of their product roadmap

Ah ha! moment

Using advanced design thinking frameworks and rapid release cycles, we were able to quickly disprove the assumption that interactive, online dashboards and complex user features were required to gain traction with large prospective customers. Initial validation of the prototype with a major property developer showed reports were enough to go to market — saving considerable time and investment.

“BlueChilli’s product team was phenomenal at helping us crystallise our ideas and figure out what our customers actually wanted — versus what we thought they wanted. Using their lean product development processes, we were able to quickly build and test our product with real customers and launch our product into market in record time.”

– Jessica Christiansen-Franks, Neighbourlytics CEO & Co-Founder


  • Market Research
  • Ideation
  • Prototype development and testing
  • Pilot planning and implementation
  • Backend software development, including business intelligence tool and data warehouse
  • Front end software development
  • UX and visual design
  • Capital raising
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Lean startup methodology training

Neighbourlytics today

Neighbourlytics is a SaaS social analytics platform that helps citymakers understand, measure and monitor the quality of urban life and wellbeing in the neighbourhoods they plan, create and manage. Its proprietary technology creates valuable data based on inputs from diverse digital sources, from online restaurant reviews and event check-ins to crowdsourced data from public social media sites. One of Australia’s fastest growing urban-tech startups, Neighbourlytics’ technology has the capability to transform citymaking around the world and influence the social wellbeing of entire communities.

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