K and I have been forcing ourselves to get up at 6am each morning and do a boot camp style training circuit every second day. On the alternate days, I go for a ride and she goes for a run.

6am might not seem early to some, but I’m a night person, most productive between 10pm and 3am, so turning my body clock on its head isn’t easy. When I was in the Navy, I had the incentive of getting “run in” if I was late to work, so I was able to force myself relatively easy. I was also in a position of leadership of others, so needed to set an example. But working from home doesn’t have that same motivational influence, so where to draw inspiration from?

Back when I was a teenager I drew my inspiration from a fellow mountain biker and friend, Sid Taberlay. He was a few years older than me and had a sticker across his handle bars “winners never quit, quitters never win”. Whilst competing in 2 hour ‘sprint’ races, he would be constantly reminded with this message, a message which would motivate to push just that little bit harder.

Then and there, I adopted the same motto to my cycling, and even stuck stickers on my handle bars too. Sid went on to being the National MTB champion and 17th in the worlds, I took out the state title and then joined the Navy.

I now apply that motto to everything I do, including business. My “handle bar” is now my monitor – something I can look at every day and be motivated to succeed. What motto do you live by to help you succeed?

Seb Maslin at dirtworks 2009

100km endurace race pushes the mind

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