The Name

Your name is important. It’s the first thing people see, it’s the front of your business.  There are many articles out there that can help you with your name.

What do you want it to say?

What do you want your name to say about your business? Do you want it to be cute, webby, informative, or dare I say it – egotistical? (I should say from experience that naming a product or business after yourself is not a good idea unless the product is yourself – it is also much harder to sell it when you want to!)


Ask around – if you have a friend in marketing, ask them for some ideas. For example the name “semi-blog” came from my good friend Kirsty while discussing (totally unrelated) Bassets Jelly Babies.  She said it was a combination of my name and sounded ‘cute’ – within 10 minutes I had registered it! Names can come from anywhere, the name of my holding company came from a local pub (and it was my business partner’s idea), BlueChilli came from K’s father – my digital signage company from sticky tape! (my brilliant business partner again!)  If you’re still stuck, try the addictive Web2.0 name generator or MakeWords.

The challenge

I wanted a name that spoke for its self, a name that was instantly recognisable, a name that had high natural SEO potential and a name which had .com and  domains available.  On my whiteboard and in no particular order, I wrote down all words that were related to the service: (An added bonus was I now had keywords to search for!)

Logbook, car, tax, log, mileage, kilometer, automatic, autocar, vehicle, broom, pen, jot, entry, log (again), book, online, sms, tech.

After a surprisingly short period of time, I came up with “AutoCarLog”.

I must disclose that I came up with the name when the idea was first thrashed out a few months ago and registered, and the SSL certificate back then.  The idea and the domain names then sat on the shelf for a rainy day – which is now!

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