Welcome to our new incubator space at 125 York Street

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On Thursday 12 February we had a party to launch our new Sydney headquarters at 125 York Street.

Founder and CEO Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin welcomed the Sydney startup community, our portfolio of startups, our investors, industry partners and of course, the BlueChilli team. Seb outlined BlueChilli’s progress so far, with 46 startups built towards our goal of 100 by 2016 (we hope to announce #47 and #48 later this week!) and a portfolio of companies valued at over $150M.

He also used the word “awesome” 14 times in his 5 minute speech, which may or may not have been a staff drinking game.


Incoming Chairman Steven Skala spoke about how corporates and other large organisations were beginning to learn from the ways startups rapidly innovate at low cost. We had brief pitches from three startups in our portfolio, each at different stages of their journey — wine app WithWine just recently live in the iOS App Store, CUZIN beginning to scale up a two-sided marketplace for international bargain-hunting, and seed-funded ‘Kickstarter-for-live-music’ startup GiggedIn announcing it was about to begin promoting a tour for one of the biggest names in the history of Australian rock (sorry, can’t say who, you just had to be there… or at Sweetheart’s for breakfast the following morning… #hint).

Special thanks to our event sponsor SoftLayer, which has recently launched an Australian offering with a Melbourne data centre live and a Sydney data centre opening next month.

SoftLayer is an Infrastructure as a Service company which hosts companies like FitBit, WhatsApp, MailChimp and SlideShare. Check them out…


Thanks to all that attended for helping us metaphorically break in the new space and celebrate this exciting milestone for BlueChilli. If you missed out on a ticket, we do apologise. This was our first event so we wanted to be a little cautious testing out capacity.

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