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With advances of technology, it’s easy to “connect” with many people while never actually meeting them or spending time together in the flesh. It can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s easy to update swathes of people at once, but hard to cut through the babble and clutter.

We have found this plethora of digital connections hardly ever beats the value of a face-to-face interaction. The startup community is pretty great for building in-person connections and networking opportunities. There is a always wealth of events to choose from, especially in big cities.

Almost everyone can agree that face-to-face meetings are more effective, better for understanding others and more successful collective outcomes. This has been especially true for our Xcelerate Program Director, Megan Flamer, who has been on the road throughout Australia and New Zealand, getting lots of face time.

“I’ve met loads of people with great early stage ideas – either in prototype form, or pre-tech build, who really don’t see that there is any avenue here for their idea. The difference of connecting in person has been profound. Not only do you get to deep dive on people’s startup ideas, you can actually spitball on what their next move could be.”

Megan has been meeting lots of folks, hearing key insights from experts in the startup community and sharing the vision of Xcelerate. Visiting BizDojo co-working spaces in Wellington and Auckland and attending the Sales & Marketing Jams run by Kiwi Landing Pad.

It’s been a fantastic week connecting with people in BizDojo and at the Sales & Marketing Jams. The organisers of both pride themselves on being a bit more than your average coworking space or events – they really want their startups and businesses in their community to succeed. What a combo of amazing people and missions!

This year, in honour of the 125 year anniversary of Women Suffrage in New Zealand, the Sales & Marketing Jam had all female speakers! We were more than exciting to hear insights from the following women:

  • Lauren Vaccarello, VO of Marketing at Box
  • Samantha Wong, Partner at Blackbird VC (also one of our SheStarts advisors)
  • Tanya Neary, Director of Sales at CultureAmp

Check out some of the amazing places and people we’ve met so far in New Zealand:


Reflecting on the time in New Zealand and the power of face-to-face interaction, Megan said:

“Being able to have conversations with them about what BlueChilli does, and the opportunity of Xcelerate, has been really magical. We are entering a market that is incredibly smart and hard working — and we’re able to contribute to it’s growth. And founders here are seeing a pathway for their dream and a way forward for their vision. It feels amazing to be able to do that.”

Where are we going to see you next? 

Here’s where you can catch Megan and some of the BlueChilli crew next week:

Want to learn more about our Xcelerate program? Go to amatilxcelerate.com to learn more. Applications close May 14th!