Throw away that To-Do List. It’s bad for your health.

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“You’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down”.

That was how your task list began; full of hope and good intentions.

But then weeks went by. Tasks stacked up, but the list never went down. What’s with that?


The list promised so much action, but now it’s a lead balloon. A constant reminder of what you didn’t get done. How much is still to do.

I’ve got good news for you.

That list doesn’t matter. It’s time to let it go. Just throw – it – away.

What are you crazy, I hear you say? What if I forget to do something important? 

Don’t sweat it.


When something is really important, it won’t sit on the task shelf gathering dust – it’ll get done. You won’t forget it. You can’t avoid it.

We all have a million things we could do in a day, but what really drives growth, innovation and traction is cutting through the noise to the must-do’s. They’re the key moves which will get results and not just keep you busy.


Now’s the time. Bring up that task list.

Delete it. Archive it. Better yet – mark everything as “Done”. Watch 100’s of tasks get done in one swoop. It’s a glorious thing.

Have a little dance or give yourself a cheeky high five – you earned it, champ.

Now’s when the real work starts. Start the task list from fresh, using your knowledge of what you really must do to populate it. Then prioritise it by importance.

Tomorrow’s your fresh start. Go get it!

*The writer practices this on a monthly basis and uses Todoist as her To-Do list manager.