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At BlueChilli, we have a fun monthly ritual called “Crew Roulette”. It’s as straightforward as the name suggests. Every single BlueChilli team member (Crew), is paired randomly (like Roulette), and encouraged to spend time together by going outside of the building #GOOB.

GOOB: A little acronym with huge meaning

#GOOBing (verb); to hang out, do something fun, or experience something new, and most essentially, talk about everything and anything but work.

Wrapping up the year in style with stunning views from lavender bay. Happy holidays everyone!

Posted by BlueChilli on Wednesday, December 13, 2017


There are probably similar variations of this exercise in other workplace cultures, but none I believe is as unique.

Working in BlueChilli means working with a diverse group of people, in a diverse range of roles, in a diverse type of environment. And thus, you can ascertain that the activity of Crew Roulette will create an array of exciting opportunities.

Some examples of my own Crew Roulette’s have been; searching for authentic matcha tea with our Lead Mobile Developer; a picnic lunch at Hyde park with our CPO; and a lap swimming at Boy Charlton Pools with a Senior Back-End Developer.

Our Operations Faciliator, Leo and Head of People, Claudia #GOOBing (getting out of the building!) to get some work done in the fresh air – with coffee!

Posted by BlueChilli on Thursday, July 19, 2018

The importance of GOOB-ing during work hours

Why go to the trouble of organising something like this when employees can arrange to hang out on their own accord, outside of work hours?

Ironically, as an introvert, I’m trying really hard to come out of my shell more. This ‘mandatory’ exercise has helped to alleviate the awkwardness of wanting to get to know your fellow teammate, without actually feeling awkward about asking to chat, or hang out.

It also offers the flexibility of taking a break from work during clocked hours, to relax a little, and get away from your desk for an hour or so.

As for purpose? BlueChilli is authentic about creating a tight-knit team. And I’ve learned people in our crew genuinely care about each other.

Creating real life connections

Opening up to colleagues from a side of the office (the product/dev side), that I hardly even spoke to in my first year of employment, I’ve realised I work more closely to this team than I imagined.

I discovered a plethora of surprising similarities and interests with these people on a personal level. I could recognise that in the larger scheme of things, this relationship-bonding exercise has helped me understand how we’re all working together towards a common goal.

Sidenote, I even became so intrigued about how we collaborate as a whole that I moved literally to sit on the other side of the office with the Dev team. Verdict: they’re as awesome as I assumed.

It seems like a small practice we do every month, but I’m grateful to be part of a company that values people and collaboration at its core. At the end of the day, and eventually at the end of my time at BlueChilli, it’s the relationships and connections that I’ve made with everyone here that I’ll value the most.   

Instead of 9-5, these BlueChilli team members from all over the country camped overnight and went on an adventure from 5-9.

Posted by BlueChilli on Thursday, March 8, 2018