With six hungry entrepreneurs pitching for real equity funding from TiE partners Sydney Angels, TiECON’s PitchFest was always expected to be exciting!  In polished performances to six angel investors in front of a hushed audience, the winners from previous workshops and rounds that had seen 24 entries were:

  • SeshMe (Mark Ilott)
  • HireMeUp (Alli Baker)
  • Vimily (Matthew Barnett & Katrin Suess)
  • Vimbra (Matthew Sweeney)
  • StyleRocks (Pascale Helyar-Moray)
  • Evolvex (Priyanka Rao)

Three entrepreneurs were ranked at the top – StyleRocks, Evolvex and HireMeUp (all women-led enterprises!) – and concluded in an offer of $70,000 in angel funding to Pascale Helyar-Moray from StyleRocks, subject to a due diligence process and agreement on valuation.  This process will be co-ordinated by Mathias Kopp, TiE Director and Committee Member of Sydney Angels, to achieve a successful outcome for all. What was also very positive is BlueChilli Sydney incubator business Vimily also did very well. Read more here

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