Stripe support for BlueChilli portfolio companies reaches a whole new level!

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Similarly to BlueChilli, Stripe’s mission is to help startups maximise their success. Stripe does this by providing the easiest to use and most straightforward commerce infrastructure available so startups can then spend more of their time focused on where it matters: product innovation and customer relationships.

As such, I am happy to share the latest update on the four key elements to the support program they now offer BlueChilli portfolio companies: Stripe Atlas, fee free processing, priority support and pricing, and ongoing engagement.

== Stripe Atlas ==

Stripe Atlas helps developers incorporate a company in the U.S., open a U.S. bank account, and set up a U.S. Stripe account to accept payments from around the world. More details are available at and BlueChilli are one of the selected global partners who are able to recommend our portfolio companies into the Stripe Atlas Beta!

== Fee free processing ==

Of course, companies don’t need to use Atlas: Stripe in Australia provides a comprehensive platform for online and mobile payments, including the ability to go global immediately and present in 114 different currencies. More details are available here:

For each BlueChilli company, Stripe waives the processing fees for the first $25,000 AUD of transactions processed on Stripe (up from $15,000 last year!)!

== Priority support and pricing ==

BlueChilli companies and team also have priority access to the Stripe Australia team

This dedicated support provides the best and fastest support and by using this email address, our growing team at Stripe Australia will receive your message, so if anyone is away in meetings or out of the office, other members of our team can step in.

As part of this, we’re also committed to providing highly competitive pricing for each individual portfolio company. In order to be as competitive as possible, Stripe provide customised pricing for each BlueChilli company taking into consideration each company’s transaction profile, customer card mix, transaction size and overall volume.

== Ongoing engagement ==

Stripe continues to grow to become a part of our community, and we will soon be kicking off regular in-person sessions, presentations on particular topics and office hours.