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After two days of listening to outstanding pitches and a difficult deliberation session, BlueChilli are very excited to announce the 12 startups who have been selected for the Stockland Accelerator.

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PropTech Startups propelling Stockland & the Property Industry

BlueChilli’s first PropTech program was made possible because of innovative partner, Stockland.

Stockland are Australia’s largest community creator and we’re looking forward to working together with startups that impact the residential, retail, retirement, and workplace property verticals while creating better connected communities.

The Bootcamp

The Stockland Accelerator Bootcamp was a sprint.

Founders received a whirlwind education on startup thinking and pitching, and were tasked with interviewing more of their key customers to better define the problems they were solving.

The Stockland Accelerator Bootcamp was the largest Bootcamp ever in Australia with 60 founders participating from 40 startups.

Stockland Bootcamp founders on day one.
Stockland Bootcamp founders on day one.

Over the past two weeks, these founders have conducted thousands of customer interviews to validate the problems they are looking to solve and assess the path forward based on their interview responses. Many startups were happy to receive feedback that confirmed their initial hypothesis, while others pivoted based on their discussions with customers – an essential part of the startup process.

BlueChilli’s in-house team of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Product Managers and Engineers mentored the founders throughout the Bootcamp and guided them through the validation process.

The entire BlueChilli team was impressed by the dedication, standard and outcomes the founders were able to achieve in two short weeks.

Stockland Accelerator Program Director, Matthew Werner, was impressed by the calibre of founders in the program:

“I am extremely impressed by the amount of work that the founders did over the Bootcamp with many founders conducting over 100 customer interviews to validate their concepts. The high-quality pitches were impressive, making the deliberation process very difficult. I would have liked to invite all of the founders into the Accelerator Program”

The Stockland Accelerator Bootcampers.
Most of the Stockland Accelerator Bootcampers on the night of the selection (some attended event online)

The Accelerator

Kicking off in January, for six months the Stockland Accelerator founders will work closely with the BlueChilli team to build a technical product.

The founders will also receive training and make connections that will help them gain customers, pilot opportunities and to build their teams to grow their businesses. Additionally, founders will receive a pre-seed investment from BlueChilli of $38,000.

Noting that building a startup isn’t an easy progress, Matthew Werner, says:

“We are looking forward to welcoming these startups into the BlueChilli program and helping them develop their early stage ideas into viable businesses. Accelerator programs can be intense, but building tech products and launching a scalable business in just six months is an incredibly rewarding experience.”

The Pitches

The two week Bootcamp concluded with founders pitching their startups to a panel of BlueChilli and Stockland judges.

Before the pitches started, Global Head of Diversity & Belonging at Atlassian, Aubrey Blanche took the judges through unconscious bias training. 

Here’s what BlueChilli’s Head of People, Claudia Barriga-Larriviere said about the session:

“We are always in awe of how transformative the unconscious bias training is for the judges. Aubrey is a master at contextualising how our own biases get in the way of good decision making, particularly when presented in a pitching situation.

BlueChilli is all about removing barriers, and Aubrey’s training is a great hurdle remover for our biases. We are that much closer to selecting a balanced cohort of founders!”

Startups in the Stockland Accelerator:

  • Early Match – Ewan Le Bourhis – using predictive models to simulate which properties should be back on the market in the future.
  • Fair & Square – Anissa Farrell – allowing builders to pay their contractors on time, every time.
  • Hey Neighbour – Julia Suh – bringing communities together to look after their shared spaces.
  • Home:LIFE – Simon McPherson – providing personalised evaluations of the lifestyle, sustainability and cost of living for housing choices.
  • IMBY – Chris Mury & Melanie Mury – increasing transparency around property development applications and approvals.
  • Lotly – Ben Starkey – demystifing and de-risking development opportunities.
  • Parachuute – Maggie Scott – connecting parents and communities to get things done.
  • POD Farms – Christian Collison – providing passive solar greenhouses for microgreens.
  • Rental Heroes – Benjamin Burton & Dominik Chmielewski – connecting landlords and tenants to better visibility of property management.
  • Senior Care Solutions – Milind R Kulkarni & Geoff Lamperd – connecting with their elderly relatives living in their homes.
  • Trajctory – Adam Young – making it easier to present, manage and analyse imagery from inspections.
  • Yodel International – Simon Harris & Tyson Jennings – connecting your entire workforce through a business communication and workplace management platform.
Stockland Accelerator participants - more founders attended event online.
Stockland Accelerator participants – more founders attended event online.

The Founders

We would like to congratulate all of the founders who participated in the Bootcamp!

We were inspired at the high quality of the ideas and the work the founders managed to achieve over the two weeks. We know some of founders have learned invaluable lessons in the two week Bootcamp from BlueChillian’s, their mentors, Stockland advisors and their customers.

During the Bootcamp we held a masterclass about how to create the perfect pitches, and the judges were really impressed with the calibre of pitches from the early-stage founders.

BlueChilli looks forward to following the progress of all of the founders as they continue to work to implement their ideas that will transform the property industry.

Thank you all for your applications, contributions and connections as the startup ecosystem gets better when we all get the opportunity to work together.

Better Connected Communities with Stockland Startups

The Stockland Accelerator is BlueChilli’s next startup accelerator program focusing on PropTech.

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