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This was written by Program Director of the Stockland Accelerator, Matthew Werner. Matthew is supporting startup founders to build the scalable proptech startups and drive change and innovation across the property industry.

Showcasing the #StocklandStartups

From leafy microgreens growing in a mini urban pod farm to a giant Sydney map showcasing attendee’s liveability preferences in real-time, Stockland executives and the property industry got a sneak peak last week into the innovations coming out of the Stockland Accelerator.

Christian Collison of POD Farms explaining product
Founder of POD Farms, Christian Collison, showcasing his plans to bring an indoor farming concept into urban and metro environments.

During the Product Showcase, the 10 early-stage startup founders in the program displayed the first versions of their PropTech products at an expo-style event in Stockland’s Sydney headquarters.

The founders were polished and confident as they pitched their startups to potential customers, users and investors at the Stockland Product Showcase.

The Product Showcase was designed for the startups to connect with potential customers to discuss pilot opportunities and get feedback about their products through conversations with ecosystem and wider community supporters.

At Stockland Product Showcase Robyn Elliott from Stockland with BlueChilli CEO, Seb.
Robyn Elliott, Chief Innovation, Marketing and Technology Officer at Stockland congratulated founders on their progress with BlueChilli CEO, Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin.

At the expo, members of Stockland’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee had the opportunity to speak with the founders about their startups, ask questions about product features, business models, traction and provide valuable feedback. Earlier in the program, some of the Stockland team members had engaged with our founders, participated in interviews, and explored pilot opportunities that could transform their business units.

The Showcase was a great opportunity to demonstrate the progress the founders had made and explore how teams within a large organisation can benefit from working with startups.

Founder of Liveable, Simon McPherson in front of his map of Sydney showcasing the liveability of the suburbs.

The #StocklandStartups are well on their way to disrupting the property industry! Since the Showcase, the founders have been busy following up on their conversations and locking in new customers and pilot opportunities. Based on the amount of progress the founders have made in the first four months of the program, we are expecting to see great things from the startups in the second half of the Accelerator.

Meet the #StocklandStartups

Early Match

Ewan Le Bourhis

Early Match is an online marketplace that matches supply and demand in the residential space to allow users to buy or sell their properties on their own terms. Early Match provides the opportunity to test the market without being committed in the first place giving buyers and sellers flexibility, transparency and visibility during the real estate purchase process.

Fair and Square

Anissa Farrell & Len Coyte

Fair and Square works with commercial builders to make contract administration easy and simple and construction payments compliant. Fair and Square helps contractors meet their obligations to pay everyone in their contractual chain on time, every time, fair and square.


Chris Mury & Melanie Mury

IMBY (In My BackYard) is Australia’s most comprehensive real-time resource for information about development applications and planning approvals. Property developers can search and analyse information about property development applications and approvals so they can understand changes in relevant build environments.


Simon McPherson

Liveable is a housing choice platform that helps home-seekers choose a more liveable, affordable, sustainable home. Liveable provides detailed, personalised assessments and comparisons of liveability, both now and in the future, to help consumers make a smart, informed housing choice.

Paper Plain

Julia Suh

Paper Plain enables property developers to meet, collaborate and create communities by welcoming residents into their new community, learn what the rules are and how to influence them, share skills, information and tools and host or participate in community activities. Paper Plain provides a platform that can measure community activities, linking wellbeing outputs to property design and community investment that can inform course correction.


Maggie Scott

Parachuute provides a safe, easy and guilt-free way for parents to carpool to get their kids from A to B. Parents whose kids are already active in sport are spending 5 hours per week driving them and some kids do not get to participate in sports as much as they would like because their parents cannot get them there. Parachuute provides a way for clubs or other organisations to coordinate and offer lifts thereby building community and overall participation rates.

POD Farms

Christian Collison

POD Farms is an indoor modular farming concept that brings crop production into urban and metro environments. POD Farms’ primary crops are ultra fresh salad greens and microgreens served POD Farm to table at retail outlets or local restaurants. With a focus on using renewable energy systems our farms will combine LED lighting and hydroponic growing methods to create a high yielding system.

Rental Heroes

Benjamin Burton & Dominik Chmielewski

Rental Heroes creates brilliant rental experiences by removing communication bottlenecks and enabling instant decisions. The Smart Assistance reduces the amount of time spent communicating about low-level tasks such as understanding the issue, booking appointments and approving quotes.


Adam Young & Alex Sysoiev

Trajctory is a cloud-based platform that allows asset inspection imagery to be organised and shared with ease. Trajctory maximises routine inspection of fixed and movable assets by capturing images and using artificial intelligence to detect changes from previous inspections.


Tyson Jennings & Simon Harris

Yodel is a shift filling and rapid messaging platform. When someone calls in sick for work in a shift based environment typically a manager jumps on the phone and calls staff one by one until someone agrees to come into work. Yodel removes these phone calls and connects businesses to their entire workforce in seconds.

Program Director, Matthew Werner is an entrepreneur who successfully founded an education management business based in Paris and the United States focusing on leadership development, corporate innovation and entrepreneurship.