This post was written by Program Director of the Stockland Accelerator, Matthew Werner. Matthew has been supporting startup founders to build the scalable PropTech startups and drive change and innovation across the property industry.

After pitching to a room full of investors, customers and leading thought leaders in urban innovation, 10 of Australia’s most inspiring early-stage PropTech startups graduated from the Stockland Accelerator last week.

These startups are using technology to change the way we interact with the communities in which we live, work and plan for the future, from artificial intelligence to bring farming to urban areas and chatbots that facilitate better communication between property managers.

During the Stockland Accelerator, the founders validated their ideas, built prototypes and launched their products, secured pilots and paying customers – and are now raising capital to grow their teams, their technology and their potential.

It is incredible to think back to just six months ago when the majority of the founders entered the program with little more than a vision and a lot of hustle. During the program, they built their startups at breakneck speed, leveraging BlueChilli’s ability to deliver high-quality venture builds rapidly while making the most of Stockland’s deep industry insights and commercial pilot opportunities.

Collaborating with startups to unlock new growth opportunities

Stockland understands that successful innovation requires engaging with the entire ecosystem, including collaborating with smart, passionate entrepreneurs to build new ventures that address the industry’s key challenges.

As a result, the problems each startup was tackling were aligned to Stockland’s business areas and customers. The startup’s solutions were informed and developed through close consultation with Stockland team members across Australia who have industry knowledge and deep connections to real pain points.

“From the perspective of a PropTech startup, Stocklands’ visible investment in the program was extraordinary. To have a company with the gravitas of Stockland invest their time, intellect and financial support in a collection of ideas was significant. It gave IMBY the confidence to learn, create and develop to a standard that was befitting a company with the legacy of Stockland.”
– Mel Mury, Co-founder IMBY

Throughout the program, the Stockland team helped the founders better understand the industry and its key challenges, validate their solutions and identify commercial applications, and champion their new ventures across the entire ecosystem. The majority of the startups in the program secured pilot opportunities.

For example, Rental Heroes piloted their chatbot facilities management prototype at six stores at the Stockland Wetherill Park Shopping Centre. The goal of the pilot was to gauge tenant interaction and satisfaction with their technology, the number of requests that could be automated and the value it could bring to Stockland. The pilot has advanced to a second stage and is now being rolled out to all stores at Wetherill Park. Working with a company with the size and stature of Stockland is an extremely powerful endorsement that the founders will benefit from as they continue to grow their customer base and seek investment opportunities.

All of the founders experienced Stockland’s role as an innovation leader within the industry during the Accelerator. Stockland’s forward-thinking, growth mindset and approach to working with emerging technologies and startups will help tackle disruption head-on and unlock new revenue opportunities within the business.

“Stockland is committed to developing Australia’s ‘PropTech’ industry and creating better connected communities. Working with these smart, passionate startup founders and BlueChilli has rapidly developed new businesses that will benefit Stockland and our wider industry ecosystem.”
– Robyn Elliott, Chief Innovation, Marketing & Technology Officer, Stockland

Thank you and congratulations, #StocklandStartups!

Stockland Accelerator founders

The Stockland Accelerator startup founders with the BlueChilli and Stockland teams.

Throughout the program, all of our founders demonstrated grit and tenacity, and importantly that they have what it takes to build scalable tech businesses. I have been particularly inspired by their passion for solving problems that will have a deep and lasting impact on their communities.

So, congratulations! This week marks the next chapter in your entrepreneurial journey as your continue to grow and connect communities along the way.

The Stockland Startups:

Early Match
Ewan Le Bourhis
Early Match is a platform connecting buyers and owners who have not committed to sell yet. It is a solution for people willing to anticipate without being dependent of stressful and fast process promoted by agents. It gives owners time to get the best offer with no stress and upfront cost. It gives buyers more choice and time to find their dream home.

Fair and Square
Anissa Farrell
Construction regulations are getting harder and more complex for large building contracts. Fair and Square help contractors manage Security of Payments legislation and construction payments to become more productive and compliant. We help contractors meet their obligations to pay in full, on time, every time, fair and square.

Anissa Farrell, founder of Fair & Square

Anissa Farrell, founder of Fair & Square, delivering her pitch at the Investor Showcase.

Chris Mury & Melanie Mury
IMBY makes information about development applications transparent and accessible so that you can understand the future of your built environment. The platform allows people to see what’s happening in your backyard.

Simon McPherson
Liveable helps you choose a home which is liveable, affordable and sustainable. It tells you the costs and benefits associated with your potential housing choice, before you choose. It can save you thousands each year, while supporting a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle, and contributing to more vibrant and sustainable neighbourhoods and cities.

Paper Plain
Julia Suh
Paper Plain is a hyperlocal community building platform for neighbourhoods: a tool for community self-organisation that inspiring and enabling communities to create thriving neighbourhoods where they feel that they belong. With a systemic feedback loop, Paper Plain enables property developers and governments to optimise their investment in community spaces, programs and engagement.

Maggie Scott
On average, parents are spending 6 hours every week getting their kids from A to B. Parents want to carpool more, but feel awkward asking or don’t know who to ask for help. Parachuute makes it easy to share the driving load by connecting parents, and enabling them to collaborate in a way that’s safe, easy and guilt-free.

POD Farms
Christian Collison
POD Farms is an indoor farming facility for urban and metro areas. With a focus on renewable energies, our farms uses new age growing techniques to create a high yielding system. With a flexible design, Pods can be located anywhere, from shopping centers to residential community spaces.

Christian Collison, founder of POD Farms,

Christian Collison, founder of POD Farms, showing off the produce made in the Pod at the BlueChilli office.

Rental Heroes
Benjamin Burton & Dominik Chmielewski
Rental Heroes enables tenants, landlords, property managers and trades to build trusted relationships through timely and transparent communications. For all parties, our platform optimises communication to get the job done.

Adam Young & Alex Sysoiev
Harnessing the GPS location data in images we present and analysis imagery in a structured way. Adding in historical / comparative analysis Trajctory provides the user with details of any changes over time.

Tyson Jennings & Simon Harris
Yodel is a rapid shift filling mobile app designed to enable managers to contact their entire workforce in seconds and fill last-minute vacancies fast. Yodel wants to create more opportunities for part-time and casual employees that want to work.

Program Director, Matthew Werner is an entrepreneur who successfully founded an education management business based in Paris and the United States focusing on leadership development, corporate innovation and entrepreneurship.

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